Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Christmas CD Packaging!

These quick and easy gifts were a big hit last year at Christmas! I used all Close to my Heart products plus the Music Makeover template designed by Lauren Meador that I purchased from PaperTrey Inc. It's the ideal creative packaging for giving special gifts from custom made picture CDs, favorite music CDs, hot chocolate packets, etc! I made the packaging for custom Christmas Music CDs for our PR staff to give to nurses in our referring clinics as little Christmas 'Happies'. They were well received!
I actually did all the cutting of the templates that I had printed onto our awesome cardstock, the stamping, the embossing and assembling them in my daughter's hospital room the night she delivered Little Madalyn Claire on December 22nd! I had already printed the templates out and gathered my stamps, ribbons and tools to finish them up for delivery on Christmas Eve Day BUT Madalyn decided to make her entrance! I've been blessed to get to spend that first night in the hospital with Jessica after she delivered both the boys so she said we couldn't break tradition - So I worked from the little rolling dinner tray in her hospital room and finished them up!! Of course, this caught the attention of all the nurses that came in through the night! I had done the first bach (20 of them) at home already and finished the other 20 there at the hospital! Definitely won't wait until the last minute again!
I hope you enjoy my photos - it was actually pretty dark in here tonight when I took the snapshots of them so they're not very good pics - the boys had fallen asleep on their blanket pallets here in the den so I only had the lamp on!
Let me know what you think!!

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