Monday, May 31, 2010

Studio J – CTMH’s Digital Scrapbooking

Close to my Heart recently launched an AMAZING new online scrapbooking product called Studio J !!   I know you’ll absolutely love it!   It’s truly virtual scrapbooking … It’s the closest thing you can get to actual ‘classic’ scrapbooking but with nothing to clean up afterwards!   But be forewarned, once you start playing with Studio J, you won’t want to stop!!

There is absolutely NO COST to try it out.  Just go to My CTMH website, to find a Studio J page.  You can upload pictures, choose the paper kit you want to play with, select the layout that will work for the number of pictures you’ll use and then you can just play - - - with the embellishments, titles, distressing and more!! 

Once you’re done playing, you’ll want to print your layouts.  You can purchase each two-page layout for just $12.95 – AND – when you place a single order for 5-9 layouts, you’ll receive a pack of 5 Memory Protectors FREE!  For placing an order for 10 or more layouts, you’ll receive FREE shipping/handling plus a FREE pack of 5 Memory Protectors for every 5 layouts in the single order! 

To see a video with more information, just go to .  Then when you’re ready to start your digital scrapbooking journey, head on over to !!  


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jackpot June with Close To My Heart !!!

Have I got good news!!   Jackpot June will be here in two days!!  This month-long fun with awesome deals begins June 1, 2010 at 11 am  and goes thru July 1, 2010 at 10 am.  Included in this great sale is a big variety of Close To My Heart products at terrific discounts or even FREE!! 

In June, there will be a different deal each day only on my website:  Click on the Jackpot June link to see each day's deal. Each day will either be a Jackpot day or a Goodie Box day. Deals will run for 23 hours: from 11:00 am (EDT) to 10:00 am (EDT) the following day, while supplies last. (The hour between 10:00 am and 11:00 am will be used to prepare for the next deal.)

On Jackpot days, 5 products will be offered for sale at special discounted prices. On each Jackpot day, we've selected one of the 5 products to be the Jackpot item for that day, but you won't know which one it is.  Excited yet ??!!

If you happen to order the Jackpot item, lucky you!  You will be rewarded you with a fabulous Close To My Heart Jackpot, which may be one FREE product or a bundle of several FREE products! For those of you who aren't risk-takers, you'll want to purchase all 5 items to guarantee you'll hit the Jackpot!

If you purchase multiple quantities of the Jackpot item, you'll receive multiple products FREE. So, buy as many as you'd like of each item—there's no limit—and you could be a big winner!

The free items will be featured on the Jackpot June shopping page, alongside the 5 discounted products. We'll send your FREE items with the products you've ordered—and we'll pay the shipping/handling for your free items! Special shipping is offered on the discounted products you purchase: just $0.99 for each item.
So, how do you know if you've hit the Jackpot? Each day we'll announce what the Jackpot item was for the previous day on and at

On Goodie Box days, you will be able to purchase a Goodie Box filled with wonderful Close To My Heart products at 50% or more off retail value. The Goodie Box contents will vary by day (we're not revealing specifics but you'll be thrilled!) and will include favorite current and retired stamp sets, paper packets, embellishments, and other great scrapbooking, stamping, and card-making items.

We have made every effort to differentiate the Goodie Box offerings by date so you can purchase boxes on different dates and receive a wide variety of products. The prices of the boxes will vary but each will be at least 50% off retail value. The higher the box price, the greater your savings from the original retail value. We're also offering discounted shipping.

Important Notes: In order to give shoppers the best possible deal on products and shipping, Jackpot June purchases must include ONLY Jackpot June items (the Goodie Box or the discounted items) and nothing else. This will streamline the shipment of orders and is also how we’re able to offer discounted shipping for this exciting promotion. This means:
* On Goodie Box days, only one Goodie Box and no other items may be checked out in a single transaction.
* On Jackpot days, only the discounted items may be checked out in one transaction; no limit on discounted items per transaction.

Hopefully this information will help you to understand these important qualifications so you can take full advantage of the great deals and incredible shipping discounts associated with this promotion. Customers wishing to make regular-priced purchases on my website may still do so, but they are not eligible for the Jackpot June discounted products, free items, Goodie Boxes, or discounted shipping.

Please contact me with any questions at:

Be sure to check my website every day in June to see how you can save money and fill your crafting supply needs at terrific savings!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fun with Kam!

Just look at this sweet face!!

Kameron and Allie came for a visit this afternoon and we spent some time on the porch swing!  It was such a beautiful day out and we just couldn't bear to stay inside.  Kameron gathered up the toy tractor with wagon and a few hot wheels cars and found him a spot on the porch to play.  Then he jumped up on the swing with me and since he was full of smiles, I proceeded to get my camera out!!  I actually started with my IPhone to have a couple current pictures of Kam on there but I thought of the perfect CTMH Paper Pack I would use to scrapbook today's visit so I had to use my Sony.  

Kameron is talking so well . . . in really complete sentences!!  He has such a sweet voice too ~ can you tell I'm a proud Mammy??!!  Kam was 2 in December.  He's still not mastered big-boy underwear yet but is very advanced in his speech.  I've said it before and will say it again, Kam can't help but to be a talker with a mom and mammy who love to talk!!  He jibber-jabbered at a young age but is really talking well now.


I didn't catch their smiles at the same time but I though this was a great head on shot of Allie and Kam!

I love my daughter-in-law!!!  Allie's a wonderful mother and terrific wife to my son.  She and I have a lot in common (loving to talk, of course, is the first thing!) but we also share views on a lot of topics.  I'm so blessed that we have a good relationship. I consider her my friend as well as a daughter.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Little Beauty

Miss Madalyn Claire spent some 'Girl Time' with me a couple of weeks ago and we, of course, had a photo-shoot!!  She does great for a while but when she's tired of it, she's done!!  No more smiles and she even throws in a couple 'No, Mammy'.  But while she's in the mood I have to take advantage of it!  

We walked out in the backyard and I think she had to touch every blade of grass!  The little grunting sound she made with each tug was so cute!  

Madalyn was captivated by our neighbors' yard - lots of colorful things over there plus a kitty cat!!  In this picture she's pointing to the fence where a tweeting bird was pirched!  Well, it WAS pirched until she started walking over toward the fence, jibber-jabbering!

She even let me get her little measurements for a summer play suit I'm planning to sew up for her!  I found several prints of Tutti-Frutti fabric on sale at Jo-Ann's last month and picked up a few yards to make something for our 3 little beautiful baby girls!!  Now I just have to get together with Amber to measure Railey and Autumn! 

My Little Slugger at his very first T-Ball Game!

Nicholas waiting on first base.  Unfortunately, I don't have a shot of him of his 1st At Bat because someone walked in front of me just as I clicked !!  That's okay though, I should have already been standing where I stood to take snapshots of the rest of the game!!

Rounding 2nd base!!

Woo-Hoo!!  Scored a run!!

The teams played great and had a lot of fun!  All of Nick's fans were there cheering him on:  his mama and daddy, Mammy and Papa (us!!), Meme and Pop, Granny and Grandpa, Uncle Jaime, Aunt Allie and Kameron, Uncle Josh, Aunt Amber, Railey and Autumn and Leah.   

After the game, he willingly shared his little bit of snack with his cousins!!  He has a sweet generous heart!!

Not quite enough to go around but he made it stretch!!

I even caught Cooper sharing his Icee with Madalyn!!  He really can be sweet, every once in a while!  Well, actually, he HAS to be with little Miss Maddy Claire because she is SO demanding!!!  He's about met his match in his little sister!!

And the final shot is an up-close of the Slugger! 

Of course, we're a baseball-loving bunch so here's to many years of playing the game - Cooper and Kameron will be along too in the next 2-3 years!!



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