Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Little Slugger at his very first T-Ball Game!

Nicholas waiting on first base.  Unfortunately, I don't have a shot of him of his 1st At Bat because someone walked in front of me just as I clicked !!  That's okay though, I should have already been standing where I stood to take snapshots of the rest of the game!!

Rounding 2nd base!!

Woo-Hoo!!  Scored a run!!

The teams played great and had a lot of fun!  All of Nick's fans were there cheering him on:  his mama and daddy, Mammy and Papa (us!!), Meme and Pop, Granny and Grandpa, Uncle Jaime, Aunt Allie and Kameron, Uncle Josh, Aunt Amber, Railey and Autumn and Leah.   

After the game, he willingly shared his little bit of snack with his cousins!!  He has a sweet generous heart!!

Not quite enough to go around but he made it stretch!!

I even caught Cooper sharing his Icee with Madalyn!!  He really can be sweet, every once in a while!  Well, actually, he HAS to be with little Miss Maddy Claire because she is SO demanding!!!  He's about met his match in his little sister!!

And the final shot is an up-close of the Slugger! 

Of course, we're a baseball-loving bunch so here's to many years of playing the game - Cooper and Kameron will be along too in the next 2-3 years!!


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