Saturday, May 1, 2010

Little Beauty

Miss Madalyn Claire spent some 'Girl Time' with me a couple of weeks ago and we, of course, had a photo-shoot!!  She does great for a while but when she's tired of it, she's done!!  No more smiles and she even throws in a couple 'No, Mammy'.  But while she's in the mood I have to take advantage of it!  

We walked out in the backyard and I think she had to touch every blade of grass!  The little grunting sound she made with each tug was so cute!  

Madalyn was captivated by our neighbors' yard - lots of colorful things over there plus a kitty cat!!  In this picture she's pointing to the fence where a tweeting bird was pirched!  Well, it WAS pirched until she started walking over toward the fence, jibber-jabbering!

She even let me get her little measurements for a summer play suit I'm planning to sew up for her!  I found several prints of Tutti-Frutti fabric on sale at Jo-Ann's last month and picked up a few yards to make something for our 3 little beautiful baby girls!!  Now I just have to get together with Amber to measure Railey and Autumn! 

1 comment:

  1. Your sweet M & K have beautiful eyes! Grandchildren are so precious! I have to make more time to papercraft, sew, and take photos ... and blog hop too! Have a wonderful summer!



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