Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fun with Kam!

Just look at this sweet face!!

Kameron and Allie came for a visit this afternoon and we spent some time on the porch swing!  It was such a beautiful day out and we just couldn't bear to stay inside.  Kameron gathered up the toy tractor with wagon and a few hot wheels cars and found him a spot on the porch to play.  Then he jumped up on the swing with me and since he was full of smiles, I proceeded to get my camera out!!  I actually started with my IPhone to have a couple current pictures of Kam on there but I thought of the perfect CTMH Paper Pack I would use to scrapbook today's visit so I had to use my Sony.  

Kameron is talking so well . . . in really complete sentences!!  He has such a sweet voice too ~ can you tell I'm a proud Mammy??!!  Kam was 2 in December.  He's still not mastered big-boy underwear yet but is very advanced in his speech.  I've said it before and will say it again, Kam can't help but to be a talker with a mom and mammy who love to talk!!  He jibber-jabbered at a young age but is really talking well now.


I didn't catch their smiles at the same time but I though this was a great head on shot of Allie and Kam!

I love my daughter-in-law!!!  Allie's a wonderful mother and terrific wife to my son.  She and I have a lot in common (loving to talk, of course, is the first thing!) but we also share views on a lot of topics.  I'm so blessed that we have a good relationship. I consider her my friend as well as a daughter.


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