Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Little Halloween Sweethearts!!

Kameron was a little monkey! Getting a Halloween costume for Kam was an quite an experience, says his mom, Allie!! He DID NOT like the costume store at all. Kam made a precious little monkey!

Mr. Scaredy Cat Nicholas dressed as a Skeleton! He got mad at Mammy because I didn't tell him who my secret treat-giver was going to be! And he was all dressed up in a 'scarey man's' costume!! Nick finally calmed down and sat next to 'cousin Colby' (my surprise treat-giver!) and helped him hand out candy the rest of the evening!! He had more fun doing that than going 'Trick or Treating' himself!

Cooper dressed as a skeleton as well and he didn't like Mammy's treat-giver either! But once his daddy picked him up, he was fine with the 'scarey-man'! Trick or treating didn't really appeal to him - he actually fell asleep!

And little Miss Madalyn was a pretty fairy!! She actually had a cute head piece also and did fine wearing it, but it came off when everyone was passing her around! She was so busy crawling around, that I kept missing getting a shot of her sweet little face!

Such precious Grandchildren! They bring so much joy to me and Papa!

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