Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents!!

I'm so extremely blessed with my wonderful parents - I thank God for the awesome privilege of having been born to two such loving, giving, self-less, Christian people!!  They consider themselves 'simple' but that's not a bad thing!  My daddy and mama are so loving, accepting, non-judgmental, and hard-working and have opened their hearts and their home to so many people since I can even remember as a small child.  There's warmth, safety, joy and love always felt at home with them.

I truly thank my God for my parents and pray He continues to bless them and their union that began on this day, October 25th, 45 years ago in 1965!!

James (Tootsie) and Pat Johnson

Besides 'daddy' and 'mama', as they are to me and my sis, they are known to many as  Grandpa & Granny (most that use these endearing terms are not even blood-related!!), Uncle Tootsie and Aunt Pat, Bro James and Mrs Pat and of course, Tootsie and Pat.  But Theresa and I are the truly blessed ones because we call them Daddy and Mama and when I'm with them, I always still feel like their baby girl!!

Thank you Lord for your many blessings on me!

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