Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I DID have good intentions . . . . !

I really DID intend on finishing a project that I started last week and post it tonight!! BUT . . . . instead, I sat holding my precious newest grandbaby!! She's little Madalyn Claire and she has Mammy wrapped around her fingers!! Madalyn (Maddi Claire to her mom) is 4 months old - she was born Christmas week on December 22. She's my daughter (who's also my new down-line!!) Jessica's 3rd child and baby sister to 2 wild boys who are 4 and 18 months!!

Now, I know in this picture, there is way too much 'flower' going on here, but she loves this comfy little bouncer and she happened to be wearing a flowerdy (is that even a real word?!!) little onesie that day, hence the wild combination!! But that precious smile was captured and the flowerdy print didn't mess it up at all!!

I just wanted to spend some baby-girl time with her tonight so I brought her home with me after work. As beautiful as she is, and as sweet as her smile is, she's a BRAT!!! And yes, I know it's partially my fault! I only THOUGHT I would be able to cook supper, catch up with my husband, Don and son, Josh (who'll be graduating High School next month!) and watch 'American Idol' but Madalyn had another thought!!! She stuck that sweet little bottom lip out and even worked up a few tears for me but when she could only hear me and not see me directly, she began really crying loud - Don tried to soothe her but that didn't work either ~ she wanted Mammy and she wanted her now!! Well, all I can say is . . . Her wish was my Command!!! The minute, the absolute SECOND I picked her up, the crying stopped !! So needless to say, I took my place in my rocking recliner and we talked and cooed and sang and she never cried again!! And of course, I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple of pictures and also filmed her cooing and singing and discovering her voice. Time well-spent!!

So, my plan is to finish my little project tomorrow night and post it. This will be the first time I've ever post any of my artwork!

And the boys pics will be next!! They're awesome little people as well!!! I'm so blessed!!



  1. Hi Jen, You have a darling Grandbaby! In your picture you look so young that I was amazed you were a grandma :o) Thank you for being my first follower, I will follow you as soon as I get a decent personal picture. Have a great day, Michelle Timmer

  2. Well, Michelle, I was 5 years younger in my profile pic!! I take absolutely terrible pictures now that I've gained some weight and I just couldn't find one I was willing to post. I don't feel I'm being dishonest because I look exactly the same except that I have fluffier cheeks and a double-chin!! I'll find a more current picture and post it. I'm 43 yrs old and have never been bothered by getting older ~ but gaining the weight gives me fits!! I want so bad to be photographed with my precious grandchildren because they are always crawling all over me but I'm so conscience of my double chin that I've quit letting them take pictures of me.

  3. Awww, Jen, be sure to capture that cooing on our My Pages Talk Voice Recorder!! It would be awesome to record your beautiful granddaughter discovering her voice!



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