Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!!

This is my oldest son, Jaime and his wife Allison.

** Being a mother is my greatest joy!! I'm blessed with 4 children and 6 grandchildren!! We're so fortunate that we all live within 20 minutes of each other, now that my oldest son Jaime is home from the Marines. They were stationed at Camp LeJeune, NC. He served 4 years, with 2 Tours of Duty to Iraq. When they became pregnant with Kameron and the initial 4 years were up, they made the decision to make their home here in Mississippi. Ally is from Tennessee and travels there often to visit her family. This is the most current picture I have of Jaime and Ally and it was in March this year.

** And their precious son is Kameron who is definitely a daddy's boy!! I have to brag a little - Jaime is an awesome father, but I always knew he would be. He's blessed ~ Ally is a great mom as well and I'm so very proud of both of them. Here's little Kameron ~ taken the same day. He's 17 months old and I'm sure he will be a talker like his mom and his mammy (me!) because he jibber-jabbers all the time!! Kameron has the BEST kisses!! He's beginning to get a little stingy with them though!

** So, you've met my 'first-born' and his little family ~ tomorrow I'll transfer some more pictures to my laptop and introduce you to my second gift from God', Jessica and her family.

** Oh yeah, I actually DID get creative tonight with a home-made gift for my mama. Not only am I blessed to BE a mother, I'm so blessed to have been born to a wonderful, loving, Christian mother. She's raised not only my sister and me, but helped us with our children and has even opened their home to other children not as fortunate as we are. She's 'Shug' (short for sugar) to my daddy, 'Mama' to my sister and me, and 'Granny' to our children and ALL of their friends. I wasn't totally happy with how my creation turned out but I plan to give it to her tomorrow after church then take it back to re-do!! I'll post a picture of it then and share it and the story behind it. My husband and my daddy thought it looked great and daddy said mama would love it but I want to re-vamp!!

** Well, I guess I've rambled on and on once again!! As I said before, I'm a talker!!

Until next time,

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  1. Hey... Yes we live in Southaven, MS. I have grown up here and LOVE it!! I am glad you enjoyed it!! I will add myself as a follower!



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