Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Partner in Life!

I'm so blessed to be sharing my life with my soul mate, my husband, Don! He's a Christian, a hard-working provider, a loving dad and a great husband. He's a big cuddly bear that everyone loves to get hugs from!! Besides my Lord, Don is my rock. He loves me as Jesus does, unconditionally, and I'm so grateful. We've seen lots of bad times but even MORE good times! We're a blended family and along with that ARE some hard bumps in the road - but because we kept God at the center of our marriage and family, we've made it through.

* I was a single mom, raising my two children, Jaime and Jessica, whom you've already met in previous posts, and he was a single dad, wanting and needing to obtain custody of his 2 small children. God had such wonderful plans for us and in 1997 we became one big happy family! Amber was 8 and Josh was 6. We were granted custody of them in January 1998 and I became 'mama' to 2 additional children!! Their mom was going through some stuff and felt she could not take care of them at that point so she asked me if I would take her children and raise them along with their daddy and of course I said "YES!!". She made that decision because she loved them very much but was in no position to care for them at that time.
* Amber and Josh are now 17 and 19 and have always been just as much my children as are Jaime and Jessy - I just didn't give birth to them. This is Josh a couple of months ago - he hates for me to take his picture!! He is so handsome and such a fine young man! He graduates High School this Friday night! He will be attending Junior College in the fall, pitching on the baseball team!! We're so excited - he's been playing baseball since T-Ball and is a fantastic pitcher.

Amber is here on the left in this picture - she and Jessica shared 2 pregnancies!! Her two baby girls, Raley and Autumn, and Jessica's last 2, Cooper and Madalyn were born within a couple week of each other's. It was a blast!! Amber is a beautiful young lady and has an awesome voice! She also played 5 instruments while in the band in High School. She's a great young mom to her 2 precious girls and I'm so proud of her.

So you've briefly met my immediate family and now know the inspiration behind my passion for photography and scrapbooking!

Now I'll begin posting more artwork!!



  1. Great story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I enjoyed your inspirational story of your blended family and soul mate. Thanks for sharing!



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