Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm so proud of Jessica! She was nominated and elected as PTO President at the K-2 Elementary School where Nicholas is in Kindergarten!! It was a total surprise and she felt so honored. She'll be great because she is so creative and loves working on projects for children. She's not much on speaking in front of a crowd so that was her first question, "Will I have to stand up in front of everyone at the meetings and speak??" !! The current president assured her that she wouldn't have to do that very much. So she accepted and brought home a box FULL of stuff related to her new role!!

This is goofy but Jessica and I both have a passion for notebooks (what I always called "tablets"!) and pens! We sometimes pick one up for each other whether we need a new one or not!! So of course, this occasion of being elected PTO President calls for a new notebook!! But I suggested to her that she get a View Binder this time so she can use her Close to My Heart scrapbooking supplies to create a nice cover and she thought it a great idea! This way, she can also advertise her new business since she will be having so many new contacts. How exciting for her! And Nicholas is excited to have mama doing some work at his school. She and my son Jaime actually built the homecoming float for the Pre-K last year when Nick was elected Homecoming King of the Kindergarten!! It turned out great and they were super-stars for a while!! So this will be fun for all of us as we love to be active in school related activities.

All of my girls are blessed to be stay-at-home moms. I pray they never take it for granted and I've told them to remember to thank God and thank their husbands for this privilege!

Well, I plan to get some paper crafting done today. I sketched out a few cards for Christmas and I'm going to incorporate our new Jingle paper packet and my new Christmas stamp sets that will be available in our new Autumn/Fall 2009 Idea Book! This new IB is absolutely awesome and I can hardly wait for it to go live so you too can have a chance to own some of the new stamp sets, paper packets and other new products!!

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  1. Hello Jenn and Jessica! I love notebooks too! Congrats Jessica on your new role! Make time to play and create! hugs, bren



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