Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting the Holiday Spirit!!!

It's so nice to re-live precious moments thru my children being parents, that I experienced as a mother when they were little ones!! Jessica just called me after she took Nicholas to school and said "Isn't it a beautiful sight when they turn around to wave at you as they walk into the school?" I told her it definitely was! She said Nick had not been doing that but she of course waits until he gets in the building before driving away. Now he's turning and waving!! I loved her excitement. Of course, Kindergarten is a big thing for a 5 year old!! He'll go thru a couple different stages even this year but each are moments to treasure and capture in our hearts!! It's two-fold for me because Nick's my precious first grandchild and Jessica's still my sweet 'baby-girl'!!!

THEN, Jessica asked had I been outside yet this morning!! "It's the beginning of our favorite time of the year." The sun's peeking out, the air is light and crisp, cool even and it feels great! We so love this time of the year! Homecoming at school, hunting season begins, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!!! All times shared with family! We're so blessed!! Thank you God, for family, for nature, the beautiful seasons that you orchestrate so wonderfully, and for the privilege of experiencing them!


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