Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kameron's telling stories . . . .

Kameron loves books! And I'm so glad because I'm a book-worm! None of my 4 children ever liked to read and still don't. So I'm thrilled that Kameron has taken to books. He was hanging out on my kitchen floor 'reading' a Diego book while I was cooking supper one night. He would look at a few pages then say "Hey Mammy, Diego" and point to something on a page.
Well now, Allie said his other grandma has been telling him stories so he's repeating them and really talking well ! He's only 2 this past Friday, Dec 4th. Allie and Kam have been visiting her parents in Tennessee and I miss them so much! But they'll be home for Christmas and I can hardly wait! Kam has the best sugar!! Jaime will leave the rig on Dec 23rd, I believe and head to Dyersburg, TN to pick them up and bring them home!!
Lord willing, we'll all be together once again to celebrate the birth of our Savior and enjoy the fellowship surrounding the Christmas season. We're so blessed!

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