Monday, December 14, 2009

Ok - so I'm no painter !!

And I'm so thankful I don't have to rely on that skill for a living!  Boy, I was so frustrated today trying to finally finish my craft room - then my sweet son, Jaime, stopped by and just at the right time!!  I was irritated and had paint from head to toe and just decided to forget it all.  I would just keep my beautiful 'Sweet Blush'  painted walls (Don had done that for me a couple months ago) with the terribly ugly, yucky beige yellow door trim, base boards and window sills that were on there when we bought our house!!!  That was going to have to do - - that is, until Jaime took over!! 

The problem was that I was painting over that ugly color that wasn't accepting my new color, white, which is a semi-gloss interior paint.  I'm thinking now that I probably should have brushed on a primer or something prior to attempting to cover the ugly beige-yellow with my clean white paint!!  Oh well,  Jaime - full of patience and wanting to rescue mom - did a great job!  He says we'll actually apply one more coat tomorrow and it should be good-to-go!  Then I can finally finish setting up my craft space.  AND just in the nick of time because I have some sewing projects and papercrafts to complete before Christmas!  Don will be ever so grateful to have our dining room table back!! 

Hopefully pictures will follow tomorrow night or Wednesday!!  I'm so excited!  It's a small room but accommodates my crafting just fine!


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