Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Journey to Texas to Scrapbook! (Part 4)

This should be the 4th and final installment of my Scrapbooking trip to Texas!!  I actually could go on and on, since I’m such a ‘talker’ and I had such an awesome time but I’m going to try to finish up tonight!
In my previous post, I showed you a picture of The Covered Bridge Inn where this Scrapbook Retreat was held – well here is the owner, Mrs Pat Farrington:


She is such a sweet lady and is fortunate to have fulfilled a dream of providing a Retreat for crafters or ladies’ groups, etc.  Mrs Pat prepares all the meals along with help from her husband as well as a neighbor girl, and let me tell you, these meals are awesome!!  I could hardly wait each time for the dinner bell that she rang when it was time to eat!!  She actually compiled a cookbook several years ago but has sold all of them.  And for those of you that know I LOVE cookbooks, know how disappointed I was that I couldn’t get my hands on hers!  

DSC06340-mrs pat blogger pic

My corner of the restful accommodations upstairs was in the ‘Sunshine Room’!  It was very comfortable and cool and had a great view out onto the front lawn.


Of course being a crazy camera lady anyway, you know I took a picture of every single room in this house, upstairs and downstairs, the very relaxing living room, the exercise room, the kitchen and dining area and of course, the Crop Zone!!  But I won’t post ALL of the pictures!  They are definitely going into my Travel Scrapbook though!

And speaking of the Crop Zone!!  Here’s a few shots of some scrappers as we all began the moment we unloaded our gear and personals from our vehicles!


And I would LOVE for Don to see that I’m not the only woman that hauls an actual TON of scrapbooking supplies and tools with me for a few days of papercrafting!!

The first layout I worked on was with the Mayberry Paperpack that quickly became a favorite of mine!  I chose pictures of our sweet little blue-eyed granddaughters, Railey and Autumn Verley!  I didn’t do my journaling that night but I wanted to share the layout anyway!  The girls are simply adorable!


Well, I’m guessing now that this won’t be my last installment after all!!  One more post this week should wrap it up!  I’ve had a good time re-capping my trip though and can’t wait to go back in November!

Stay tuned for conclusion . . . . . . . . . . . . . !

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  1. Jennifer, what beautiful photos of an awesome location for your scrapping retreat! And great layouts too--beautiful little girls!



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