Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Journey to Texas to Scrapbook! (Part 3)

Well Thursday came and it was time to make my way on out to The Covered Bridge Inn to meet my new friends and scrapbook to our hearts’ content!!

I passed a couple of nice Ranches on the way out and one place that tickled me called ‘Hooves and Wheels’ !!  It was a campground that accommodates motorhomes/campers as well as the horse trailers!!  I just thought that was so clever of the owner!!  I’m sure there are many more all over the place, but my first time to see one!

But this view below is just one of the many stretches of land I saw, that, as simple as this picture is, it reminds me of the amazement I feel each time I capture glimpses of God’s handiwork all around us.  I so thank God for the privilege of taking in all the beauty of nature He so lovingly created. 

When I finally arrived at The Covered Bridge Inn, which was only about 15 minutes outside the city limits,  I stopped to thank God for my safe trip there and also to thank Him for the opportunity to enjoy this retreat, the scrapbooking I would get done and the fellowship I would enjoy with sweet ladies who share the same passion for ‘preserving memories thru the art of scrapbooking’ as I do!!

Then I finally got to officially meet in person, Pamela O’Conner, a sister Close To My Heart Consultant!!  I have followed her blog, Reflections of my Art and Soul, for a couple of years, admiring her beautiful artwork, but mostly being inspired by her faith!  I had actually shared an elevator ride with Pamela last year at our CTMH Annual Convention in Washington DC and was so excited that she spoke to me and smiled, saying she recognized me from Facebook and from me following her blog!!  Needless to say, I was tickled!

Maybe I’ll soon get to the part where we are really scrappin’!!!  After all, isn’t that what I drove 600 miles for???!!!
To be continued . . . . . . . . . . . . . !

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