Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Journey to Texas to Scrapbook! (Part 1)


From the moment I saw this sign that welcomed me back to my home state of Texas, I began smiling!  And I kept that smile my whole trip!!  I think I smiled even in my sleep! 

Just being back in Texas where I was born and spent my childhood, (and what a wonderful childhood I had) - planning a layover at my Aunt Ruth’s and Uncle Bob’s home in Longview -  then on to Weatherford, TX to enjoy meeting new friends that I would spend 4 whole days with -  working on my most passionate hobby, scrapbooking and papercrafting -  was plenty to fill my heart with excitement!  Boy that was a mouth-full !!

My first stop in Texas, after resting at the Welcome Center, was in Marshall to see Jaime!  He was working days that week on his land rig and the timing was perfect as I came up on the Marshall exit, to pick him up and enjoy some Mexican appetizers at The Jalapeno Tree!  It was such a treat to spend a little time with him and get to see his work week accommodations.

Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bob are terrific hosts.  My cousin Rita was there as well when I arrived and of course she had me rolling with laughter!  She’s hilarious!  Aunt Ruth had a delicious Pot Roast with potatoes cooked so I surely didn’t pass that up!  She and I sat up talking like teenagers until about 1:45 am!!  It was great spending time with her but we also shed some tears because just a few weeks earlier, she had lost her mama, my grandmother.  Hearts are definitely still aching at the loss felt at Grandma’s passing but we’re so blessed to know that she simply made it to Heaven before any of us did!  As I’ve said, she’s smiling as she’s now ‘Face to Face with Christ our Savior’.  That gives tremendous joy and comfort!


This picture was about 16 months ago of Grandma and my sweet daddy!  It was Thanksgiving day 2009 at the Johnson household!!

Stay tuned for Part 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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