Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Journey to Texas to Scrapbook! (Part 2)

Part 1 just below, if you missed it!

So I got a great night’s sleep at Aunt Ruth’s even after sitting up chatting half the night!  I actually slept comfortably in my late grandma’s bed!  And her picture sat on the bedside table so I was able to smile back at her and say goodnight!

We enjoyed fresh brewed coffee with some Apricot Croissants (a first for me!) for brunch.  I actually didn’t head on out until around noon because I had to wait for my prescription refill to be transferred from the Meridian Walmart to the Longview Walmart.  Well, THAT took forEVER!!!  I had already completed what little shopping I needed to do before getting back on the road so I was simply walking around, killing time.  Decided to grab a bite in the Subway (because the sweet lady at the Pharmacy told me, once again (for the 3rd time), it would be a FEW more minutes!  Not her fault but I sure got tired of hearing that! 
** BUT as I headed back to the Pharmacy for the fourth and final time that afternoon, I ran SMACK into a classmate from home, Quitman, MS!!!  What a great coincidence!  It was awesome to see Jamie Mitchell and hear about his sweet family.  Jamie and I graduated together in 1984 and I believe the only time I’ve seen him since then was at our 10 year class reunion in 1994!  So that was a nice treat that made me forget I was irritated about having to wait on my meds!!

Needless to say, I pulled out of the Longview, TX Walmart at 4 pm, continuing my journey to Weatherford.  Before I even got back on Interstate 20, the rain began and I don’t think it slacked up for the next 3 hrs that it took me to go through Dallas and Fort Worth then my final stop in Weatherford.  That was frustrating but I simply asked God for traveling mercies and knew I had family and friends praying me through the rainy weather as well!

Though I didn’t venture out into Dallas, Fort Worth or Weatherford this trip, what I did see was amazing!  And like I said, just being back in Texas was so special to me! 

My first night in Weatherford, I enjoyed a ‘breakfast for supper’ meal at the local IHOP!  We don’t have one at home so I really enjoyed that and it was close by my suite so I got back before dark.

This was my little mini-vacation so I did nothing for a day and a half before heading out to the scrapbooking retreat, except for rest, read, relax and enjoy eating at new places!  NOW on Wednesday, I DID drive back to Fort Worth to visit one of their SIX Hobby Lobby stores!!!  Can you believe a city can have SIX of them!!!  I was in hog-heaven!  It was definitely ‘Texas-sized’, the biggest Hobby Lobby store I’ve ever been in! 

THEN I found the ‘Braum’s Ice Cream shop!!!  Oh My Goodness!!  It was awesome and my choice of the ‘Two Scoops on Waffle Cone’ for only $1.79 was Chocolate in the bottom and Buttered Pecan on top – this thing was HUGE – again, ‘Texas-sized’!  I believe that was the BEST ice cream I’ve ever had!  Of course I had to get my phone and snap a picture of it!

It’s really true what they say that, ‘Everything’s bigger in Texas’!!  Even the bananas that Aunt Ruth sent with me to snack on during my drive were bigger than usual and delicious!!

Tune in later for Part 3 . . . . . . . .

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  1. I found this website while googling "Longview TX 1984." Trying to find myself in an old news broadcast at the Longview Mall Halloween 1984. I was THE CUTEST PUMPKIN EVER on TV that night, however, the footage is mysteriously pre-www. LOL... I have showed Mom the page...... and she says, "Watch out, everything IS BIGGER in Texas!" We love and miss you... Shoot Mom an email. :) Beautiful scrapbooking too! Very sweet writings... Keep up the most fabulous work ever! Love, Cousin Tara



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