Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's Been a Minute!!

Thought I would update my profile pic too!
April 2015

Oh wow, I haven't updated my blog in ages!!  Well that surely doesn't mean I haven't been crafting and enjoying life to the fullest!  I've just failed to share and shame on me!!

So now, I play catch-up!  I'll be brief - - - - ok, I know, I know, those of you that know me and love me are quite aware that I'm NEVER brief!!!  Oh well, I WILL try to keep the catch-up short and get to the good stuff and the crafting!

First, I'll share that for the past few months ( 8 months to be exact ), I have been spending my week nights in Alabama, 5 minutes from my office, with a very gracious hostess who is a good friend and former co-worker.  This arrangement began not long after we faced tremendous cuts at the hospital including reduction in hours (but not in work-load!), as well as salary cuts across the board.  This has been necessary to keep the hospital above water after VERY inappropriate mishandling of monies by our FORMER administration.  Needless to say, it's affected so many, but we've stuck it out and we do a whole lot of praying daily and things are turning around!!

SO, to help in fuel costs since I travel 120 miles per day for work and to ease the stress of the 55 minute each way drive, I began bunking with my friend Dot during the week.  It's been great and I've really enjoyed it!  She's really spoiled me (she's an awesome cook!) and I had a very nice and comfortable 'suite'!!

BUT, since my craft Studio is here at my house, I haven't been transporting any Scrapbooking or Card-Making projects and/or supplies.  I HAVE picked up Crocheting again and LOVE it and I've made several projects that I'll share soon.  That was a little more mobile and let me be a little crafty while staying away from home.  And Dot is a very talented crocheter so we made like little old grannies and crocheted most evenings!!

I'm staying back at my house now, simply because I miss Home Sweet Home and my family and my Studio!!  And I'm getting a lot more papercrafting done in the evenings.  Yay!!!!  I sure miss Dot's yummy cooking and I'm sure I'll have to sneak by for dinner very soon.

Stay tuned . . . . . . . . .

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