Sunday, February 14, 2010

My little 'Sweetheart'!!

Miss Madalyn likes to crawl down the steps herself since
she's such a big girl!! 

My little sweetheart spent the day with me and we stepped outside for just a few minutes to listen to the birds singing!  We could hear them through the window and she would make the 'Ohhhhhh' face and listen real intently.  So I decided to grab my camera and get a few shots of her before it got any cooler!  And of course, you guessed it, she did
NOT want to come back inside!!
Now, she actually posed her little self when I said "Smile at Mammy sweet baby girl" and she did really good - Only she forgot the smiling part!!  And she has such a beautiful smile!!
Then the birds began their singing again at the neighbor's house in their big tree.  Madalyn immediately turned her little head toward them!
She sat like this for a long while, listening and looking.  Then I told her we would soon have to go inside and she took off!!  When I ran after her and said, "You'd better come back here little girl" , she thought that was funny and giggled a little but I still didn't get her smile!
But then she gave me a half smile and even that melts my heart!!
I'm so blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren!
I just wanted to share some shots I took today while enjoying Madalyn's company!
She's a wonderful "Sweetheart"!!

Of course, I'll be using Topstitch Kit to scrapbook these pictures.

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