Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Biscuit Pillow!!

It felt so great to be back sitting behind my sewing machine again Sunday afternoon!!  Sewing was a passion of mine for a long time when my children were small and I've only sewn off and on since then.  But Jessica received a very nice Singer sewing machine for Christmas from her mother-in-law, Robyn, and has graciously let me 'try it out' !!  I love it!!  It's quite a bit different from my old Singer as far as threading and how the bobbin is loaded but other than that, it's awesome!!  I'm seeing a new sewing machine in MY near future as well !!!

I posted a picture of the charms packet I purchased at Jo-Anns before Christmas (refer to this post!) and due to time constraints I never got to make any of those projects I had anticipated for Christmas.  SO . . . . I'm on them now!!!  My first project was the Biscuit Pillow for my mama and this fabric from the charms packet was so perfect as it is 'so her'!!  Back in the day when I first began making them, I made smaller 'biscuits' and actually made a ruffle to go around it.  I changed it up a bit and made the puffy biscuits an inch larger, made the backside into a biscuit as well, and didn't add the ruffle.  And the lap throw isn't actually a 'lap' throw because I ran out of fabric!!   I don't know what it will be but when mama receives it, she will love it and find a place and use for it!!  She's such a grateful recipient of anything we present to her, especially hand-made gifts!  It's nothing fancy or extraordinary but as I said in the above mentioned post, the fabric reminds me of her so much and she had mentioned how she always loved those pillows I had made years ago, so it did my heart good to make her one!!

Now I'm off to my day-job - but I've already cut most of the pieces for my next project that I hope to start working on this afternoon or tomorrow evening!  It feels great to be sewing again! 


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