Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Memory Keeper using Veranda Workshop on the Go!

This is an absolutely beautiful paper pack that I've been stingy with because I just hate to cut it!!  I know that's crazy but when I really like a particular paper pack, (usually love them all!!) but when one REALLY grabs my attention, I just hold on to it and pull it out and look at all the different patterns but can't bare to cut it!!  Ridiculous, I know!  But these patterns and colors remind me of my mom so as I was piecing together the Biscuit Pillow I was making for her, I thought about Veranda and decided to use it on the My Creations Memory Keeper to give to her as well.  She had recently made a comment after church a while back that she needed some new pictures of all of us to update her collage frames.  So I printed a stack of our newest pictures and hid them in the Memory Keeper!  I also included a 'My Pages Talk - Voice Recorder' and recorded them a sweet little message then attached it to the front!!  I love my parents so much and feel so blessed to have been born to the two most precious people in the world! 
Supplies Used:
Z1116  My Creations Memory Keeper
Z1147  Foundry Metal Accessories - Foundry Bookplates
Z1269  Filigree Charms
Z1033  Big Pinks Flowers- White Daisy
Z1131  Creme Brulee Ribbon
Z1132  My Pages Talk - Voice Recorder
Colors:  Cocoa, Garden Green, Juniper, Creme Brulee

So, I went out to daddy and mama's last night and gave them their little happies and they were so very proud!  Made it all worth it.

I had whipped up a little Camoflage Pillow for daddy with a picture of him and mama from this past Thanksgiving.  I had intended to use a picture of him holding up the big deer he got during Hunting Season but my printer jammed printing it out.  He loved it just the way it was!!

I made this into a more boxy pillow instead of the traditional.  Daddy really loved it!! 
I felt just like a kid who had just handed her parents a page she had colored, smile across her face waiting on their reactions!!  How goofy am I??!!




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