Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Counting Down the Days 'til Leadership Conference!!

I just read where my fellow Close to my Heart Consultant, Melissa Laverty (fancyMelissa), had blogged her excitement about our upcoming Leadership Conference next week AND I had to SECOND that excitement!!!

I literally have butterflies in my stomach and feel just like a child at Christmas!! I've been counting down the days for about a month now! I leave one week from today (July 29th) and get to spend 3 fabulous days with hundreds of CTMH consultant friends ~ some I've met, more I'll meet next week for the first time! We'll be attending a great line-up of classes that are geared toward helping us take our businesses to the next level. We'll be hearing about all the awesome new things that await us through-out the coming months as well as spending time creating with our new Product line being introduced in the Fall/Winter Idea Book. Oh! My! Goodness! I can hardly wait!

I was a hobbyist/semi-consultant for so long (until I attended my first CTMH Conference last year - see my previous post about my history with CTMH here ) - but through a wonderful program that CTMH began last year called Journey to Director, I've already brought my business up a level and am now a Supervisor, having 2 new members on my team! This program was created to help consultants reach the upper management levels in the company that, actually, I never thought would happen for me. But through the awesome training we receive, the literature and networking available and very importantly, our Journey to Director Bulletin Board, it is SO achievable! I'm reaching higher!!

And by all means, if YOU would like to be a part of this awesome company, please contact me at .

Did I mention how excited I am !!!!! And the great news is that you can share in this excitement too!! Close to My Heart is open to Business Builders as well as Personal-use Consultants, which is where I began. July is a great month to begin your own business as a CTMH Consultant - when you sign up during July, you get to choose five fabulous products from our Favorite Five list for FREE - with no additional shipping or tax. What this means for you is that you'll be getting product worth up to $100 for no charge, just for signing up in July!! How awesome it that?!! For your sign-up fee of only $99 you'll receive about $400 total retail in product! It's an incredible deal that will really jumpstart your business and your artwork!

Again, you can contact me via e-mail at or phone at 601-479-3053. Hope to hear from you soon!


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