Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sweet Baby Girl with new Pink Ice Earrings!!

Ok - we're here at the Mall just sitting in this chair surrounded by sparkly things. I really don't know why - I just know my Mammy has her camera out so I'll give her my smile she loves so much . . . .

Wait a minute ~ what in the world is this lady doing and why is mommy holding my arms down AND PRESSING ON MY FOREHEAD - Mammy, HELPPPPPPPP.

Goodness, all that fussing really wore me out! But my mammy said I was such a big girl and looked beautiful with my new Pink Ice earrings!!

Boy, what an experience! Madalyn has a good pair of lungs!! She startles easily anyway so I think it was more the click of the piercer that actually upset her more than pain, as well as being held down. But she was a trooper and looks precious with her new earrings. And she's done quite well not messing with them last night or today. Her mom (my sweet Jessica) was 6 months old too, when we got her ears pierced - that would be almost 21 years ago!!! Oh my!!!

Just thought I would share our little adventure we had yesterday!


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