Sunday, January 10, 2010

Her first taste of Deer Jerky!

I just had to share these snapshots of Madalyn enjoying her first piece of Deer Jerky!!  Her Aunt Amber made some for Josh and he was sharing with Nicholas and Cooper.  I assumed Madalyn would turn her nose up at it but when the boys were munching on theirs, she started her little squealing that she does when she wants something really badly!!  I held a piece for her for a little while but that didn't last very long - she took it from me and took off in her walker across the kitchen floor!!!  Honestly, she nibbled (sucked) on it for quite a while and actually got a little attitude when she thought Cooper was about to try and get her jerky!  What a little stinker!!  Of course, she needed a real scrubbing bath once she finally decided she was through with it because she had drooled the seasoning all down the front of her clothes!

Little Madalyn will sure have to develop a taste for deer meat since her dad, Pop, Uncle Jaime and Grandpa are big hunters!!  Looks like she's starting off right!


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