Saturday, August 14, 2010

About to brag a little!!

I just want to take this time to brag on my sweet daughter for a minute!! It’s so easy for the world to focus on a mistake or a bad decision that a person makes and totally forget that person’s MANY awesome qualities so I’m here to point some of those out!! Some people like to broadcast the ugly but I like to share the beauty!!

Jessica is such a sweet young lady who will literally do anything for anyone. She has such a big heart and loves her family and friends so fiercely. Her smile actually lights up a room and I’ve been told that from so many people ever since she was a little baby girl!! She’s creative, artistic and just simply talented at whatever she sets her mind to do! Jessica also writes beautiful poems and has even made up precious little songs for each of her awesome babies that they still love for her to sing to them!! I so treasure watching and listening while she sings these little songs to her babies and my heart strings are definitely tugged as I see their eyes and expressions when they look up at their mama!!

Though Jessica’s little family began at a very young age for her, she’s made so many accomplishments and waded through such adversity that I know most women could not have done and a lot of women never do. I’m so proud of her, not only because God blessed me to be her mother, but because I watched her bloom into a courageous young woman, mother, wife and friend, all starting at the tender age of 15. Her children and her family are her life – literally!

I’m so thankful that Jessica loves the Lord and that she accepted Him as her Savior many years ago. That’s why I KNOW that since God is the ultimate parent, I can simply ask Him for clarity and discernment to know when to just pray and let Him work in my children’s lives without any other help from me. Only God knows the right thing to do. That’s why I can have true peace about situations my children find themselves in – I have to release them completely into God’s hands and put Him in charge of their lives. Though I may not agree with their decisions or approve of choices they make, (Lord knows I’ve made my share of unwise, unhealthy decisions!), my children need me to LOVE THEM, BELIEVE IN THEM, and SUPPORT THEM IN PRAYER. We can’t “fix” or “change” our children. ONLY GOD CAN MAKE CHANGES THAT LAST IN ANYONE. Our job as parents is to release them into God’s hands and then pray for the Lord to make changes in them and their lives according to His will AND NEVER BE JUDGMENTAL TOWARD OUR CHILDREN OR ANYONE ELSE’S CHILDREN.

Thank you God for my precious children and grandchildren! They are my greatest blessings, imperfections and all! “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward” Psalm 127:3. I thank you God that even right now, you are working miracles in the lives of my children and my entire family! Keeping the faith and trusting in you God, is definitely the best defense against Satan and those that seek to judge, harm or destroy. I thank you for my Christian heritage and the wonderful parents you blessed me and my sister with! I love my family and true friends!!

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